Our vision at Bridgewater Park is:

Growing and learning together


We seek to be a learning community that includes our pupils, staff, parents/carers and the wider community.


Our core values at the heart of Bridgewater Park are:-


Being Inclusive - learning together

High expectations– being aspirational for every member of our learning community.

Thirst for learning– to develop children and adults as lifelong learners with a thirst for learning.

Determined– to develop resilience amongst the learning community and a determination to succeed.

Responsible– for the learning community to take responsibility together for the education of all our members.

Innovative– being prepared to "have a go" and take up new challenges.

Consistency–to ensure consistency for all our members where people feel safe and cared for.

Trust - to build a culture of trust based on mutual respect and honesty.


The Heath Family (NW)


A Multi-Academy Trust


The Heath Family is an outstanding Multi Academy Trust, based at Runcorn in Cheshire. In recent years it has established an excellent reputation for bringing about rapid and sustainable educational improvement, including leading the emergence of two schools - one Primary and one Secondary - from Special Measures.


The mission and vision of The Heath Family - Multi Academy Trust is focused on raising the standards of aspiration and achievement for all students, encompassing innovative approaches to curriculum, teaching and learning, and by being part of a local and regional strategy to increase choice and diversity in education.