​Our vision at Bridgewater Park is:

Growing and learning together


We seek to be a learning community that includes our pupils, staff, parents/carers and the wider community.

Our core values at the heart of Bridgewater Park are:-


Being Inclusive- learning together

High expectations– being aspirational for every member of our learning community.

Thirst for learning to develop children and adults as lifelong learners with a thirst for learning.

Determined to develop resilience amongst the learning community and a determination to succeed.

Responsible– for the learning community to take responsibility together for the education of all our members.

Innovative– being prepared to "have a go" and take up new challenges.

Consistency–to ensure consistency for all our members where people feel safe and cared for.

Trust - to build a culture of trust based on mutual respect and honesty.


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Bridgewater Park Primary School

Plantation Close





Tel: 01928 563838




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School Office - C. Brown



Principal – Miss K Murphy

Email: head@bridgewaterparkprimary.org.uk


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