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Here at Bridgewater Park Primary School, Science is a subject that we are encouraging our pupils to see the value of. We try to encourage awe and wonder to inspire children and develop a love of investigation. Here you will find out the latest Science news along with details of what our budding Scientists have been getting up to on our termly Science Days.
Science Day - Autumn 2016
This time the theme was food and children were eager to discover the science behind some of their favourite foods.
When we make popcorn, can the change be reversed?
Which mixture will freeze to make ice lollies quickest?
These questions and many more were explored by the budding scientists from Nursery pupils, all the way up to Year Six.
The pupils then got to share their findings with their parents and carers at the end of a busy but successful day!




​Science Day - Spring 2017
For our Science Day this term our theme was 'Light Up Your Life' and children were lucky enough to investigate a wide range of concepts based around the theme of light.
All children from Nursery to Year Six became physicists for the day as they completed their light themed investigations.                                                                                                                                               
From making rainbows to size of shadows, making periscopes to investiagting which colour absorbs most light; it was a day full of learning and fun!